Inspired by significance of Lexington Market to black culture in Baltimore, legacy, legacy, legacy!!! was a performance that investigated Baltimorean’s legacies which reaffirmed audience members histories to express the importance of all our legacy’s to the DNA of Baltimore. We wanted to beacon the message of Baltimore as a culturally rich city with a complex set of social relations and a place one is privileged to call home. 


The performance involved readings of original poetry that speaks to ancestral legacy and reading historical text featuring rare information that highlights black pasts in Baltimore with improvisational sound played by a live trio band, accompanied by originally composed digital beats. The visual component involved project mapping, with visuals syncing alongside the performance, and playing with framing. Live visuals using both original imagery by Karryl Eugene and found archival imagery, that involved expressing history and environments inspired by the Baltimore landscape. In the use of the historical content to be visually stimulating, the performance asked for audience members to come to the stage and speak on their legacy, making their experience immersive and inclusive.