Curated by Abdu Ali, blakkFRUIT is a collaborative literary performance immersed in sound and followed by open dialogue. Ali invites poets and writers from Baltimore to read their work. Ali performed an improvisation on electronic music equipment and invited two other  instrumentalists to join them as they create sound scores as each reader takes stand to recite their work. after the readings Ali opened the floor for open reflective dialogue with audience members. This performance serves an introduction to Ali's new art platform as they lay. 


For text to be radicalized and revolutionary, it must be activated and become accessible through discourse and exchange. blakkFRUIT was a moment of black and brown consciousness congregating through sound and share sacred writings, where themes of self care, venting, rage, or love are explored. This performance is also seen as a celebration and revitalization of African diaspora oratory traditions in efforts to promote humanizing interactions and empowerment. As we bear the fruits during this collaborative performance Ali sees these writings as tools for healing or spiritual guidance. Ali feels that the invited readers' works contribute to combating conditioning inflicted by adversarial like interactions with the oppressive systems fueled by imperialist, capitalist, white supremacist patriarchy. combining poetry or the word with sound and dialogue, seeks to create a sanctuary and a public forum for black & brown consciousness and creativity similar to what they experienced growing up in the black methodist episcopal church in west Baltimore. Ali encouraged people from various identities to come and participate in it.

Photos by Amire Greene