Artwork created in house by as they lay

Karryl Eugene + Abdu Ali 

Imagining As A Praxis, 2020

Stills from Imagining As A Praxis.jpg
Still for Imagine as a Praxis.jpg

Stills from Imagining As A Praxis

Karryl Eugene Projections for Things I Imagined! Event, 2020

Final Poster Print.jpg

Karryl Eugene + Abdu Ali

To Imagine is to Reconfigure, 2020 Poetry For Persistence

by Press Press+Printed Matters.

collage 1 .jpg

Collage from Things I Imagined!

Karryl Eugene Projections for Legacy Legacy Legacy! Event at BMA Lexington Market, 2019

Karryl Eugene + Abdu Ali + babby

What Is Your Legacy?, 2019