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Sill from Imagining As A Praxis 2020

About as they lay 

as they lay is a Baltimore-based curatorial art initiative that uproots space for questioning and dreaming through digital media, programming and exhibitions. Organizing through a Black queer feminist lens, as they lay supports artists, critical thinkers and cultural workers whose practices beacon ideologies that set fire for visions of new worlds that are delivered from white supremacist capitalist patriarchal pathologies. At the core as they lay strives to radicalize public creative space and produce work that helps to bestow the Black artist community with alternative cultural systems nourishment and autonomy.  

About the Organizers


Photo by Micah E Woods


Photo by Micah E Woods

Abdu Ali is an American avant-garde electronic musician, writer, and multidisciplinary artist who primarily works in social practice. Their work is a yielding poetic uprise that often interrogates ideas of identity as well as narrate and promote liberation from oppressive ideologies and systems. Their music is an idiosyncratic blend of punk, jazz, Baltimore club music, and rap that has graced stages across the U.S. and Europe. Through their energetic visceral performances, spiritualizing audiences, they have been anointed as a cosmic, punk, and soulful tempest on stage. In 2019 birthed as they lay, a fluid creative project focused on conjuring collaboration, digital media, & dialogue based exhibitions. Unapologetically black, gay, with sociopolitically queer, Abdu Ali’s work is bold, raw, and most importantly life-affirming. They are based between Baltimore, Brooklyn, & Berlin.

Ali has performed at MoMa Ps1, The Baltimore Museum of Art, The Kennedy Center, Red Bull Music Festival, and the DC National Mall. Ali has been highlighted by the NY Times, NPR, The Fader, Les InRocks, and Tracks Arte TV. Ali has been a recipient of The Contemporary: Grit Fund 2; a 2018 Ruby Artist Grant; 2019 Best Artist Award by The LGBTQ Commission of Baltimore City, Baltimore Magazine 2019 Best Artist, was invited to the Black Artists Retreat 2019 hosted by Theaster Gates, and have held residencies at 2018 Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp & 2018 Pioneer Works.

Karryl Eugene is a multimedia artist based in Baltimore. He works in various mediums such as video art, sound art, and painting. Karryl’s work is defined by the power of reflection, we’re he unpacks personal narratives, nurtures his emotionality, and contemplates his existence in the digital age.

Karryl’s work has been exhibited in Mickalene Thomas’s A Moment's Pleasure at the Baltimore Museum of art. He has also exhibited at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the ONART Gallery in Florence, and the Reginald Lewis Museums. In 2019, Karryl received the Elaine L. Schaefer Scholarship and the Eddie C. & C Sylvia Brown Family Foundation Brown Scholarship. Karryl has interned at the Hole, The American Medium, and Waller Gallery.

Photo by Micah E Woods